What do you think about our communication with parents?

 GG: I’m happy with the level of communication so far.

SK: Yes, because of how happy L is there, very nurturing and friendly environment.

AT: Yes I would based on my experience so far.

TB: I have because you’re caring and timings are perfect for working mums.

SG: Yes I would. K has settled really well and all staff are lovely!


What do you think your child has gained during their time at Gan Kinneret so far?

SK: Friendly and happy staff, very welcoming.

AT: Stability! He loves going there and it’s a great routine.

SM: He’s come along so much.

GG: Confidence, independence and social.

LP: It is interesting to see her confidence growing at drop off.

TB: His speech has improved. His desire to go to the toilet.

SG: Her confidence to be to be away from me. She is also more verbal and sings songs.


What is your favourite thing about Gan Kinneret? What are our strengths?

AT: Friendly staff, from the security/office/management and teachers.

SM: The staff are so lovely.

GG: Teachers and staff!

LP: I’m just really happy that my daughter comes out every day saying ‘she has the best time ever’.

SG: Everyone is friendly and kind. Your staff are your strength!


What does your child think about coming to Gan Kinneret? What do they enjoy, or not enjoy?

SK: He is very happy.

AT: He’s thrilled to come, he loves his teacher.

SM: He’s saying he loves his nursery.

GG: Z is so happy!!

LP: My daughter loves the play dough and sand and being able to use scissors and glue.

SG: I think she has settled really well. She loves the music and singing.